MMA 24/7 - A True Fitness & Mixed Martial Arts Centre.

Hosting Australia's leading specialist coaches in all the disciplines that we deliver.  All are highly experienced in training, handling and cornering many world champions & professional athletes.

MMA 24/7 allows you the opportunity and choice to participate in all the modern day combat arts & self defence disciplines, as well as classes in Traditional Martial Arts.

Strength training, cross fitness training, flexibility classes and mental conditioning are all part of the holistic experience that we offer to all our students.

MMA 24/7 also boasts its own sports science team, dedicated to giving our students & athletes the best training plans and nutritional advice suited to their individual needs and disciplines.

MMA 24/7 is a modern yet traditional Martial Arts Centre built around the key ideas of training the mind, the body and the human spirit in co-operation with the core values of mutual respect, personal growth and integrity.  We are a centre that employs every manner possible to ensure that all of our students can progress and learn no matter what age, experience or fitness level.






Our students learn every form of hand to hand combat the body is capable of.  We are not just about turning our students into professional fighters, we aim to see that they feel the physical and mental benefits of training on a daily basis.

We will make you fit, but this is not an eight week boot camp just to get you back into your favorite jeans, but rather a life changing journey.  And whether you train for one year or 10 years, you will always take the benefits of your training with you forever.

The art has the power to unlock your true potential and turn you or your child into a role model and a natural leader. Join us on the journey of the true warrior, the deep thinker as well as the great fighter.
Our Dojo operates seven days a week, our instructors train every day and we love what we do. Martial Arts is not a hobby for us, it's a lifestyle.



Special Offer, free 3 day pass for full access for 3 days.  

Full access to the weights gym and to every class, day or night. Call today.

(08) 6363-5514 or 0409-029-773


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